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To celebrate the release of Bad Actions New Album exclusivly on Bandcamp we would llike to welcome you to become members of Bad Actions VIP club for our Fans who don't want to miss out on anything!

Fans receive the whole Bad Action Catalogue plus ongoing new releases for just $10 a Year! Yep $10!

Subscriptions include our entire back catalogue (7 albums 2 Eps, over 150 songs) along with exclusive unreleased music delivered instantly via the Bandcamp app for iOS and Android!

You never have to wait for a new release again. Once the Album or Single is finished it goes straight on to BandCamp the same day! No more waiting for release dates!

The VIP club will help to fund Bad Actions creation of new music, including helping to crowd fund a new musical version of The Monster from the ID and new Albums!

Thank you for supporting Bad Action! We love making music for you ;)

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Bad Action
Manchester, UK
Bad Action is an Progressive Rock, alternative rock, Pop Rock , hell we are a any bloody style we feel like band from Manchester England..

Our music ranges from soaring Ballads, murderous twisted themed tracks to metal mayhem and Electronic Pop to orchestral fuelled songs of stuff .

Music available for licensing & to cover, though we already know our versions will always be the best !

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